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Executive Committee Meeting                                           April 25th, 2016



No. Item Detail Responsibility  
1 Attendees Alister Laing, Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Jim Hart, Isobel Hendry, Sheena Ledingham, Sheena Nicolson, Robbie Walker  
2 Apologies Elaine Bain, Donna Canning, Fiona Laing, Steve Oliver, Cllr Fiona Murdoch.  
3 Previous Minutes Approved by Grant Douglas and seconded by Sheena Nicolson  
4 Matters Arising
4a Defib., lock purchase and installation Installed – Complete    
4b Shelving and storage Shelving units: Order pending.

Lockable metal cabinet: Will be installed at suitable time in near future



4c Vestibule heating Grants haven’t yet made the electrical connection from toilet to vestibule – will be re-contacted.

Internal door keys with Alister, Fiona, Grant, Nick, Doreen, Alan Gall, Steve O. (2)

4d Knockando Polytunnel The planting of the plugs was successful and some plants are thriving. A rota has been prepared for tending the plants and the children have been a good help to plant out. Isobel  
4e Loose Dogs No further action required at this time    
4f Kitchen- Toilets – telecoms An interim meeting of April 18th to discuss a funding application for telecom installation concluded to defer application in preference for a larger funding application embracing the upgrade of Kitchen and Toilets plus telecoms.

It was agreed to establish a sub-committee to take this forward

Jim, Sheena L., Karen and Fiona?

Jim, Sheena L.



4g Communication Feedback from the first publication was positive. Next edition likely scheduled for late Aug-early Sept. with separate edition pre-Christmas Sheena L.  
4h North Lane Cncllr. Murdoch communicated that there was a possibility that Developer Contributions may be available to assist with the required N. Lane upgrade. It was suggested to apply for financial assistance, along with some background info, summarising what is needed and what appropriate costs may be.

In the meantime, Alister will try to arrange for temporary “repair” for a part of the lane to facilitate the safe running of the Archiestown 5K.








5. Project Feedback

Race Night

(April 16th)

23 attended: Tote took £285 after payouts to punters.

Cost of Compere £300 means Tote lost £15.

Bar Takings were £329 so we are looking at a profit of around £200 on the bar.

There were no takers for £50 tables.

Poor attendance was discussed – No children allowed? / Poor publicity?

A proposal by Karen to attract businesses to sponsor a table was distributed



6. Project Update





Beer Tasting




The event has been widely publicised and licence obtained

Spey Valley Brewery to provide a “Round the World” selection of beers. Tickets £15 per head which will include 9 beer tastings with matching food.

Ticket incudes vouchers “1-9”

Children may attend

Projector and Screen required







6b Auction


Poster has been prepared and arrangement for collection and assembly of material started.

Mr & Mrs Aldridge will be invited to assist.

6c Fete & JHG


Plans are still on schedule. Raffle tickets distributed. Meeting planned for the next few weeks. Poster for Margery Swinton to be prepared. Licence applied for. Robbie



7 Deferred projects

7a Wine and Cheese This will be deferred till later in the year. Grant has obtained a catalogue of wines from the supplier to make a selection from. Grant  
7b Hall notice board This will be installed on exterior wall of hall, by front door, during the Spring. Repairs to back of notice board require to be made before installation. (Notice board was salvaged from Overton) Alister  
7c Village Hall sanding May be considered at part of the hall upgrade (4f)    

8 Treasurers Report

8a Accounts A copy of the Treasurer’s Report has been circulated, showing a forecast balance at end July 2016 of approx. £9,600.


Last year’s accounts are now posted on the hall notice board.



9a Rotary invite It was agreed to invite Aberlour and Speyside Rotary to our next meeting to discuss opportunities of mutual benefit. Jim  
9b Coffee morning Isobel is organising a Coffee morning on behalf of Parkinson’s UK – May 28th Isobel  
9c Pavilion Work party This has been tentatively set for June 4th. It is hoped to have both toilets functioning for the village fete. Grant  
9d Fire Extinguisher Servicing It was agreed to pursue Moray Fire Protection proposal. There was a question as to why 6 extinguishers were necessary. Steve O.  
9e BALL Group It was agreed to allow BALL group to submit a funding application to “Age Scotland”, using AVC Constitution and PL Insurance support. Ball group would write a letter indemnifying AVC in the case any award required to be refunded. Jim  
9f Playing field bench It was noted that the bench dedicated to the memory of Sally Low in the playing field was in need of some maintenance. Ladies who arranged the donation would be notified.

Responsibilities to maintain a bench on the forest road to Aberlour would be examined





9g Water Rates Communication has been received from Scottish Water, requesting payment of approx. £567 for water rates. As a charity AVC should be exempt and the request will be challenged.    
Pertinent correspondence including the Police Report is circulated electronically