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Executive Committee Meeting                             May 23rd, 2016


No. Item Detail Responsibility
1 Attendees Alister Laing, Donna Canning, Grant Douglas, Stephen Hanton, Jim Hart,

Isobel Henry, Sheena Ledingham

2 Apologies Elaine Bain, Karen Braithwaite, Steve Oliver, Robbie Walker, Fiona Laing,

Cllr. F. Murdoch

a.    It was noted that Sheena Nicholson gave notice of her resignation from the village council

3 Previous minutes Approved, Sheena Ledingham – Seconded, Grant Douglas
4 Matters Arising
4a Storage Shelving awaiting to be erected, “alcohol” trolley to be installed after the Fete Robbie, Alister
4b Vestibule Heating Being pursued with Grants Steve O.
4c Hall upgrades A brief overview of proposals for upgrades to kitchen, toilets and corridor areas was presented. Awaiting a meeting and structural advice with Alan Gall. Professional design advice may be sought. Jim, Fiona, Sheena L., Karen
4d North Lane To progress the matter of NL maintenance it was suggested to contact Jim Grant – Development Services at TMC for possibility of applying for Developer Contribution funding support. Jim
4e Pavillion Work Saturday, June 4th at 9.30 Detail of the proposed work is being progressed between Grant and Stephen. Some damage was caused to the playing field units by local children.

Alan Gall will be asked to make both toilets operational and to set up the sink for the Fete.

4f BALL Group A letter of indemnification re. possible grant funds from Age Scotland to the BALL group should be requested Jim
4g Benches Report on the maintenance of the playing field bench is awaited. Responsibility for maintaining the “Aberlour” bench is AVC.

Await interaction with Rotary



4h Water Rates Exemption for 2016 has been granted. Advance notice will be given for future exemption applications Steve O.
4i Strategy It was agreed that a separate meeting to discuss future strategy should be convened in a convivial setting, later in the year Alister


  1. Project Feedback
Pub night – beer tasting (29/4/16) Very much enjoyed. Approximately £300 raised
Auction (20/05/16) Approximately £795 raised.  Secretary will prepare a letter of thanks to Mr E Aldridge. The Chair requested that all remaining auction items are removed from the stage. Jim



6 Project Updates

6a Village Fete & JHG Event promotion has gone to “Spotlight” and Northern Scot has been contacted

Mr S Mellis will arrange a sound system for the day

A quiz will be held on Saturday Night in the hall – 19.30 – £2.50 pp.

Sheena L., Robbie


  1. Deferred events/ projects
7a Wine & Cheese Deferred till late autumn Grant
7b Hall notice Board “Stewart” will erect this and defibrillator sign soon Donna


  1. Treasurers Report:

A positive projected balance at end August 2016 was £9,056


  1. Regional: Communication pertaining to regional meetings and events, including the Police Report, was circulated electronically


  1. Correspondence:


Moray CPP An appeal from Moray Community Planning Partnership (CPP) for the community to engage with and influence the Moray 10 year priorities has been received. This was accompanied by the Moray 2026 plan and a survey questionnaire with 6 core questions. Much of the access to these documents is on-line and the secretary agreed to circulate this to members Jim


  1. AOB
11a Grant indicated that he would be stepping down from AVC responsibilities in July for a number of months Grant
11b It was proposed to hold a Craft Fair in the village hall on the evening of the Christmas lights switch-on (December 3rd)

AVC would operate a bar in the small meeting room

Children would be asked to perform their Christmas programme as part of the event




Sheena L.

11c Karen would be requested to ascertain if children’s pads for the defibrillator had been purchased Donna