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Executive Committee Meeting                             June 27th, 2016


Guest: Mr Jerry Stewart: Aberlour & Speyside Rotary Club (A&SR)

Mr Stewart provided a background of the Local, National and International Rotary Club organisation and the nature of their donations. The A&SR club has 14 members and approximately £6,000 – £7,000 are collected and donated locally.

A new scheme is being introduced locally such that a certain amount will be set aside for Community Matching projects up to £250. This can be applied for informally – call, discuss and make a case and there is no time limit.

The group meet every Tuesday in the Aberlour Hotel.

The possibility of a joint Newsletter publication, including Archiestown, and possibly engaging local communities across Speyside on a regular basis would be considered by A&SR and reported back.


No. Item Detail Responsibility
1 Attendees Alister Laing, Karen Braithwaite, Jim Hart, Isobel Henry, Fiona Laing, Sheena Ledingham, Steve Oliver, Robbie Walker


2 Apologies Elaine Bain, Donna Canning, Grant Douglas, Cllr. F. Murdoch
3 Previous minutes Approved, Fiona Laing – Seconded, Robbie Walker
4. Village Fete and Junior Highland Games – Feedback

A summary of the relative performance of each stall/activity was presented and will be circulated separately. This included issues to be overcome and opportunities for future fetes. Some additional issues noted below.

4a. Raffles Good performance but maybe advantage in starting the sales process earlier – e.g. at AVC pub nights.
4b Teas Frequent topping up of the urn would ensure continuous hot water.
4c BBQ It was suggested to make inquiries about hygiene training for all at AVC to ensure compliance with all regulations Jim
4d Rotating Bike wheel painting Good idea but physically awkward. Suggestion to use the existing “Wheel of Fortune” wheel as an alternative for future events.
4e Bar Much existing stock was used up, but a significant need for more trained volunteers
4f 2017 a Suggestion to include a Plant/Produce stall with suggestion to start the process by encouraging planting in Nov/Dec preceding year.
4g 2017 b A Gala programme from Dallas was outlined with some attractive activities – some that could be replicated at Archiestown
4h Junior Highland Games



Junior Highland Games

Great thanks extended to Margery Swinton for her efforts in coordinating the games.

Poor participation perhaps due to lack of regional school involvement.

To foster a greater participation, it was considered advantageous to solicit input from education authorities at TMC to encourage schools’ engagement in junior highland games as a curricular – post curricular activity.  

Other possibilities

– an obstacle course for younger children

– ask Rob Montgomerie to assist

– open the games later in the day

– examine alternatives to the hired PA system which was ineffective.













4i Financial summary A detailed analysis was presented showing the financial performance of each activity/stall, drawing comparison to 2015.

The overall fete showed a net income of £2.663 and an improvement over 2015 of £186

A vote of thanks was extended to each of the Organising Committee members for what was a very successful event
5. North Lane
The three options reported previously were re-visited with the additional clarification that TMC would not be in a position to reclaim the VAT nor would street lighting be a requirement.

It was agreed that while AVC did not have responsibility for the maintenance of North Lane it was sympathetic to the current state of repair. It was proposed that a letter outlining the AVC position would be drafted and sent to all “frontagers” of North Lane plus those households on High St., north side, whose properties backed onto North Lane. AVC would be prepared to facilitate support for any discussions with TMC for any action that was proposed or agreed.






6. AOB  
6a Treasurers Report The report for the last period was handed out and  showed a forecast balance at 30/09/16 of £9,979.  
6b Shelving A party(ies) to both erect the shelving and also to clean out underneath the stage was required prior to end July. Robbie, Fiona

Sheena, Jim

6c Vestibule Heating Being pursued with Grants Steve O.
6d Future Fundraisers  August 27: Football match – Archiestown vs. Knockando

Bar and BBQ will be organised

Posters to be prepared




    September 24: Gin, Wine and Cheese tasting.

The Gin Trail companies will be approached to provide gin.

Grant will coordinate the wines and Connage Cheese will be used

Tickets can be purchased for each spirit separately

Posters to be prepared








6e Strategy Meeting September 12. This meeting will focus on developing a longer term strategy for the village and to enable AVC to prioritise future activities.  
6f Future timetable October 25th: AGM – 19.00

December 3: Lights switch on and Craft Fare

December 11: Seniors Lunch

December 18: Children’s party

6g Miscellaneous A letter of thanks to Strathdee Properties should be written

Examination of archived documents should be examined to ascertain ownership of the Loop Rd round the square.