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Executive Committee Meeting                             September 26th, 2016



No. Item Detail Responsibility
1a Attendees Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Jim Hart, Isobel Henry, Fiona Laing, Sheena Ledingham, Robbie Walker
2a Apologies Elaine Bain, Donna Canning, Alister Laing
2b Due to illness Ve Butler was unable to present details of her “Shared Lives” programme. An alternative date will be sought.  


3 Previous minutes Approved, Sheena Ledingham – Seconded, Robbie Walker


4. Appointment of responsibilities
4a Treasurer The position of Treasurer remains vacant.

Robbie has met with Steve Oliver and has received some relevant data and materials.

Robbie has a local contact he will approach with a view to the Treasurer’s position.

Steve O. will attend the AGM to present the annual accounts.

A mis-directed letter has been forwarded from Business Stream concerning outstanding water rates for the pavilion – Jim to progress

Bar takings and float from recent pub night is with Elaine

Doreen will be asked to retain weekly lottery takings until they can be collected with a view to banking.











4b Pellet Boiler Alister to report on discussions with Alan Gall re. contractual arrangement for the maintenance and operation of the Pellet Boiler. Alister
4c Hall “Key Orderly” Additional keys are reportedly with Robbie. Robbie
4d Hall Booking Contact Robbie has set up “AVCHallEvents” booking process on “Google Calendar” and will prepare a training brief, outlining the administrative process. A link will be provided from the AVC website. The bookings are colour coded to indicate if an invoice is required.

Its recommended that Treasurer and “Hall Booker” have read/write access to the system with all others read only.



5. Matters arising




5a Shelving and stage area Agreed actions to be carried forward.




5b Vestibule heating Grants have indicated they will visit the hall this week  
5c North Lane letter Letter distributed – see Correspondence


5d Armistice Wreath Karen is to ask Ve Butler to present the AVC wreath on Armistice day – Nov 13th Karen
5e Kitchen & toilets Alan Gall (Howdens) and Moray Catering (MC) have both prepared outline plans for the new kitchen and itemised costs received from MC. A brief inspection of the plans suggested Howdens might be noticeably cheaper option. AVC has only single phase electricity source. Fiona will prepare and circulate copies of the Howden proposal and arrange a suitable date for the sub-group to convene. Fiona
5f Kitchen hygiene training Inquiries are still progressing to obtain suitable training options towards Elementary Food Hygiene certification and funding support towards the costs. Jim
5g Hall Maintenance Alister to contact Alan Gall re

i)      Guttering missing from Pellet Store

ii)    Possibility of external water tap, with internal master valve

6a. Project Feedback
Sept 24 Pub Night The Pub Night was well attended. Proceeds are with Elaine.

Care should be taken with previously opened bottles – use or dispose.

6b. Project Plans
Oct 22 Gin, Wine & Cheese Date of October 29th not possible – 22nd selected.

Voucher received from Tesco for produce.

Alister to confirm gin and cheese availability and if we have a bar licence

Jim will do poster






Oct 25 AGM Rev Bob Anderson confirmed. Public notices to be placed – noticeboards and Northern Scot (Town & Country) Jim
Dec 3 Lights on and Xmas Fayre Proposed timing of 4-6 pm impacts on attendance and requirements to set up for Lights switch on. Sheena to discuss timing and format with Elaine and advise.

Person to switch on Lights to be finalised at next meeting.





Dec 11 Seniors lunch Will start at 12.30. Sheena to coordinate a sing-song at 2pm.

Fiona will issue the invites.




Dec 18 Children’s party Start at 2.30. Isobel to coordinate. Karen to assist with names of new residents. Invite will include a RSVP. Event to be promoted on Facebook and in the November newsletter





7. Treasurers Report  
No report was required for this meeting.  
8. Newsletter  
Copies of the Newsletter were available for distribution Sheena
9. Correspondence  
All correspondence that was received had been circulated electronically.

Two e-mails have been received posing questions, principally on the apportionment of the financial liability to resurface North and Schoolhouse Lanes. Secretary has responded stressing that the emphasis must be on the interested residents to come forward with a proposal for AVC to consider and to raise the issue at the AGM.

10. AOB  
10a Hall Banner Discussion on an alternative colour for the hall promotion banner and re-siting the event banner to the edge of the grass verge. To be considered further Donna
10b Pub Night Proposal to standardise the scheduling of the Pub Nights – e.g Last Saturday of each month – to be considered further Robbie
10c Steve & Anne Oliver Will be invited to Xmas lights switch on. Fiona to arrange for appropriate gift(s). Will be transported to and from the event. Fiona


10d NHS Baby Massage Grant will pursue inquiries about suitability of the hall for this programme which may attract sponsorship from the Pharmacy Grant
10e. De-fib. Training Jim will pursue the possibility of de-fib training with Dr. Liam O’Loughlin. Jim
10f Hall clean-up crew Fiona proposed assembling a “clean-up crew” after each AVC Pub Night. Hall was left is a poor and dirty condition after the last event. Fiona