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Executive Committee Meeting                                         November 21st, 2016



  1. Attendees: Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Annette Gurr, Jim Hart, Isobel Hendry, Sarah Holmes, Alister Laing, Sheena Ledingham.
  2. Apologies: Fiona Laing, Liam O’Loughlin, Councillor Fiona Murdoch
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes (September 26th,2016): Prop. Grant, Sec.- Sheena
  4. Matters arising


4a. Appointment of responsibilities
i.    Treasurer Sarah Holmes will consider the position in late January.

Isobel now has an AVC cheque book

Jim and Isobel will arrange to have deposits lodged with BoS in Elgin

£40 received for hire of hall for K. athletics group




ii.  Pellet boiler Alan Gall will undertake oversight & maintenance of the boiler.

Fiona will order pellets

Alister will make the regular RHI returns

Jim will try to determine where the bills are to be sent







iii. Outstanding funds Isobel will collect aggregated funds from Post Office and arrange for them to be banked.




iv.  Water rates Outstanding final bill of £129.60 paid from Jim’s personal account. To be refunded by Scottish Water when rates exception letter received.


v.   Hall keys 2 hall keys were distributed to Isobel and Jim.  
vi.  Hall Bookings Alister will check for an AVC standard pro-forma invoice.

An option to introduce Paypal to the payment process was considered.

·  Paypal can be set up with AVC e-mail address & bank account, requiring a simple test transaction

·  Paypal could offer the following options

·          allowing hall users to pay by Paypal,

o   on Paypal choosing to send to “friends & family” would keep it fee-free (requested on the invoice)

·          Reduction of manual cash deposits being required for the treasurer or AVC member.

·          Withdrawal of monies from Paypal to bank account instantly.

·  Paypal could also allow us to accept card payments in the hall on Bar & Auction nights, (fees attached)

o   it can be run via 3g/4g/wifi through a tablet or smartphone.

Sarah will be pleased to demonstrate at future AVC meeting



vii.   Hall Maintenance Alan Gall has been contacted about some outstanding hall maintenance issues. Alister


4b. Stage area and Shelving Third section of shelving will be erected soonest.

Alcohol trolley is in place – plywood sides will be fitted to the under-stage section and a lock fitted to the door.



4d. Kitchen & Toilets upgrade Awaiting plans and costs from Alan Gall. Fiona will distribute copies of the second design layout for the kitchen. Fiona
4e. Kitchen hygiene training It was agreed that Jim is to ask other local groups if there are members interested to participate in joint training in Kitchen hygiene – possibly January. Further inquiries will be made with Linda Davidson to determine a best unit cost and logistics as well as inquiries about bar staff training. Jim
4e. Newsletter The draft of the next edition which includes details of the Christmas programme was commented upon and will be available for distribution next week.

An RSVP to the Children’s Party will be included, for return Friday Dec 9th

4f. Bar training Alister will check and advise about the requirements for, and availability of, training for casual bar staff Alister


  1. Project Planning:


Wine, Gin and Cheese tasting February 18th has been set as the date for this event.

Tesco voucher for £40 is available for product



December 3 Craft Fayre and Lights switch-on Craft Fayre from 4-6pm.


Guests for the lights switch-on to assemble at 6.30 at the hall

Alister will check the lights this week-end

2 ladders and 3 folks are needed to perform the switch on.

Steve and Anne Oliver are to be invited to switch on the lights

Alister will run the BBQ

Fiona will staff the bar

Children’s Film to be “Polar Bear Express”

Hall decorations will be put up on Dec 1 at 8pm


A group will be requested to assist the hall clean up on Dec 4th at 10.00














December 11 Seniors Lunch Fiona to coordinate invites Fiona
December 18 Children’s party Isobel to coordinate gifts which will be purchased this week.

Help will be needed for the games



  1. Treasurer’s Report: No report available.


  1. Correspondence: All correspondence received electronically has been circulated

Area Forums Review: In response to a request from Speyside Area Forum, it was agreed that Jim will prepare a response to the 7 related questions for AVC consideration.  






  1. AOB
Seat on the Village walk It was noted that this seat on the Village walk has been permanently damaged. It was suggested that a Pub Night is organised with the prime purpose of raising funds for a replacement
Moray Food Banks are looking for donations


Dangerous Dog A “Staffie” in South Lane area has attacked another dog – caution is advised