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Executive Committee Meeting                                         January 23rd, 2017



  1. Attendees: Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Annette Gurr, Jim Hart, Isobel Hendry, Sarah Holmes, Fiona Laing, Sheena Ledingham.


  1. Apologies: Alister Laing, Liam O’Loughlin
  2. Approval of Previous Minutes (Nov 21st,2016): Prop. Isobel, Sec.- Sheena
  3. Matters arising


i.      Treasurer Sarah Holmes has agreed to be the new Treasurer and will liaise with Steve Oliver about the process and duties. Sarah


ii.     Pellet boiler Sarah will report back to AVC after her discussions with SO and advise the most effective processing of boiler and pellet transactions.

A copy of Steve’s Instructions will be circulated.






iii.     Water rates Jim will contact “Business Stream” to ascertain if the payment of £129.60 paid from Jim’s personal account is to be refunded.


iv.  Hall Bookings The Google Calendar has not been updated. The definitive detail of the hall bookings is retained by Fiona, who is unable to access the Google Calendar. The process to be followed is now

All bookings should be directed to Fiona in the first instance.

The website will be amended to show a link for hall bookings that will go direct to Fiona. All other ad-hoc requests for info from the website will go to the secretary.

Sarah will include details of the bookings accounting process in her discussions with SO and report to AVC.










v.   Stage area and Shelving Robbie and Fiona will arrange a suitable time to erect the third set of shelves.

Grant will contact E. O’Loughlin wrt clearing the existing shelving of surplus Xmas Fayre materials

Robbie / Fiona



vi. Kitchen & Toilets upgrade Fiona will distribute copies of the Howden plan for the kitchen. AG has provided costs for the Howden design as £12,000

Additional quotes have been received for

Ladies toilet £7,300 : Gents toilet £6,450

Disabled toilet £900

No detail breakdown was provided to support the cost quotations. Efforts will be tried to obtain this info from AG.

It was suggested that some modifications to the Howden design might be required.

Using the Howden’s design, it was suggested to try to obtain comparative quotes from the IKEA model.

Sarah agreed to join the working group on the kitchen upgrade.











vii.         Kitchen hygiene training Highfield Training will contact Jim re. costs of kitchen hygiene and bar staff training.

Elgin Youth Café will hold a training course but not prior to Easter

TMC Environmental Health has offered to visit AVC and offer comment on the proposed plans, as well as advice on kitchen hygiene – free of charge.

Fiona will approach Speyside HS to ask if training can be offered.

It was agreed that a meeting of the AVC working group would be convened shortly to re-assess the Howden plans.

It was agreed to await outcome of the approach to SHS prior to contacting TMC for a possible visit.










viii.  Newsletter The intent is to publish the next newsletter in the week beginning Feb 6th. All copy to Sheena before close on January 29th Sheena



  1. Projects
a. Feedback
Lights switch-on Approx £300 was raised on the night

Numbers attending were down substantially from 2015

Not all lights were working – switch on process is cumbersome

It was recommended that the experiment of holding the school Xmas Fayre and AVC lights switch on didn’t work. It was recommended that both events are held on separate days for 2017.

Seniors lunch Approx 62/63 attended. The possibility of advertising the event in the Northern Scot for 2017 will be considered.
Children’s party Successful event and well attended. Noted that several families failed to attend, yet expect children to receive a present. It was voted that presents not collected (excluding illness) would be donated to Dr Gray’s or similar charity. Given that this is a significant departure from long standing tradition, it was decided to revisit the vote when the full AVC is in attendance.
b. Planned
Gin and Cheese

Feb 18th

This will now be solely gin and cheese

AL will apply for a licence

The tasting will be led by staff from the Dowans

Costs will be dependent upon the product costs, and tickets available on the door

This event would possibly be Over 18’s only

There will be a raffle of 5-6 items



c. Future licences
It was noted that there was a certain disquiet at village pub nights due to the unruly and noisy behaviour of children, such that anecdotal evidence suggested that some members of the community refused to attend the functions. It was also noted that there was a belief that if children are not allowed to attend, that the attendance numbers would fall substantially.

As a pilot, it was agreed to use the period of a licence to hold an “Over 18’s only” pub night on the Friday, preceding the regular “Open to all” pub nights.

March 17th Over 18’s only pub night – St Patrick’s day theme
March 18th Village open to all pub night – St Patrick’s day theme
Children’s Disco Date, time and organisation to be confirmed
Village Fete

June 16 & 17th

Date confirmed

6. Treasurers Report

A copy of the Treasurer’s report was handed out and showed a healthy balance.


  1. Correspondence:


A thank you has been received from Iona and Alasdair O’Loughlin for their Christmas gifts
A thank you was received from Mr John King who played for the children at the Christmas party.
All other correspondence received electronically has been circulated
The secretary expressed concern that several items that had been circulated had received no or minimal response, which left such items in abeyance, often disallowing AVC the chance to provide meaning response or input – often to regional consultations.

It was recommended that when a response was requested an effort would be made by all members to acknowledge the request and provide a response – even if “no interest”.

Sqn Ldr. Samantha Bunn The secretary will respond to RAF Police Squadron that there may be an opportunity for the squadron to assist with the upgrade of the Speyside footpath network – SP 21 (the purple route of the Village walk) Jim
Money for Moray A suggestion to apply for funds for taxi service to take seniors to and from the Xmas lunch was suggested – more detail will be sought from members Jim



  1. AOB
A request for permanent hooks to be installed to facilitate hanging of decorations was made Karen
Xmas lights Grant will contact SO with a view to obtaining new Xmas lights Grant
Pavilion water It was noted that water was still on in the pavilion. Robbie will contact Alan Gall with a view to having it shut off Robbie
Toddlers group On two occasions the lack of heating in the hall caused cancelation of the Toddlers group – refunds will be offered Fiona


Moray Community awards The secretary outlined this regional programme of Community recognition and encouraged members to nominate individuals in the community who had “gone the extra mile” for their fellow residents.