Calendar of Events and Village Hall Booking

Archiestown has a large village hall available for community events, classes, clubs and private hire. It also has a playing field marked out for football, a play area with swings, a slide, etc., and a pavilion.

There is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in the lobby of the Village Hall. It is always available, the outer door is not locked. It is easy to use and cannot hurt anyone if you listen to the voice prompts. Please watch this video so you feel more confident using the device if you have to. Please share this information with your neighbours, friends and family. There are AEDs in many public locations, and a heart attack can happen anywhere, anytime. It would be amazing to save someone’s life, or at least to know you had done everything possible.

It is normal to be a little frightened of treating a heart that has stopped, but training makes it less scary.

The Main Hall

The main hall is 105m2. (15m x 7m plus stage) The capacity of the hall is:

When used for dancing, 150 people

When used for functions, seated at tables, 95 people Combined dancing and seated at tables, 110 people Close seating (theatre style) or standing, 210 people

The small hall is 6m x 3.5m

Village hall bookings are marked on the calendar too, if you’d like to book the village hall please contact:

Fiona Laing, hall keeper.

Telephone: 01340 810564


You’ll need to look at the two forms below:

AVC Hall let prices 140414

AVC Review of Contract to Let 140414

May 26 @ 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The annual Archiestown Auction will be held on Friday 26th May. You can view the items in the auction in Archiestown Village Hall from 2pm on the day of the auction. The first item will go under the hammer at 6.30pm. Do get there in plenty of time as seating is limited and you’ll have to give you name at the door to get a bidder’s number card.

 If you’ve never been to an auction, the whole process is very easy: You are given a number at the door. Wave your number at Eddie on the stage if you want to bid for an item. If you are successful the delightful assistants on stage will write down your number by the lot number, and at the end of the evening you pay for everything with your number by it. There will be plenty of volunteers and assorted vehicles and trailers to help you get your purchases home.

 All sorts of items are generously donated to the auction each year. It raises money for the community for projects like upgrading the toilets and kitchen in the village hall. Just as importantly, it is a great motivator for the annual clear-out! Do your children have toys they have grown out of? Does your dog now refuse to go in it’s cage? Old furniture that has been replaced by fabulous new furniture from the Grampian Furnishers Sale? And of course, top of the bill at every Archiestown Auction: Home Baking! If there is anything that you could donate to the auction please bring it along to the hall or contact Eddie or Ali for help in transporting it. 

Ali: 07979 245 909  Eddie: 01340 810339

 Thank you for your support, see you there!