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Archiestown is a vibrant community which has expanded in recent years.  There are around 180 residents.  The local children attend Knockando Primary School and Speyside High School in Aberlour.

Although Archiestown is small we have great facilities, including our refurbished hall, the play park, football pitch and pavilion. There are many events held throughout the year. Please do come along. Residents of Archiestown and the wider Speyside area, holiday-makers, everyone is most welcome at village events!


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Oct 2016 Minutes

Please click here to download as a PDF Executive Committee Meeting                                         October 25th, 2016 Minutes   Attendees: Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Annette Gurr, Jim Hart, Isobel Hendry, Sarah Holmes, Alister Laing, Fiona Laing, Sheena...

Sept 2016 minutes

Please click here to download as a PDF Executive Committee Meeting                             September 26th, 2016 Minutes   No. Item Detail Responsibility 1a Attendees Karen Braithwaite, Grant Douglas, Jim Hart, Isobel Henry, Fiona Laing, Sheena Ledingham, Robbie...

June 2016 Minutes

Please click here to download as a PDF Executive Committee Meeting                             June 27th, 2016 Minutes Guest: Mr Jerry Stewart: Aberlour & Speyside Rotary Club (A&SR) Mr Stewart provided a background of the Local, National and International...

May 2016 Minutes

Please click here to download as a PDF Executive Committee Meeting                             May 23rd, 2016 Minutes No. Item Detail Responsibility 1 Attendees Alister Laing, Donna Canning, Grant Douglas, Stephen Hanton, Jim Hart, Isobel Henry, Sheena Ledingham 2...

2:00 pm Auction
May 26 @ 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The annual Archiestown Auction will be held on Friday 26th May. You can view the items in the auction in Archiestown Village Hall from 2pm on the day of the auction. The first item will go[...]

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Archiestown, in the parish of Knockando, was founded in 1760 by Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk who had inherited his “Highland Estate” on his marriage. Planned villages were mushrooming in the North East of Scotland and Sir Archibald an improver, followed suit establishing it as a community of linen weavers. A fire in 1783 destroyed many of the houses.

Sir Archibald sold part of his estate to a local lad who had made his fortune in Canada and London. Robert Grant became first Laird of Wester Elchies in 1783 and lived at the mansion house. His son Charles inherited the estate and founded Charlestown of Aberlour in 1812. He died unmarried in 1828 and his brother James William became third laird, and though he was an absentee landlord who worked in India until his retirement, he cared deeply for the estate and its people. He was sympathetic towards their financial needs and provided land and materials for churches in Archiestown and Aberlour following the Disruption.

His unmarried son William continued to live at Carron House when he inherited the title as did succeeding lairds. The mansion of Wester Elchies was sold to Gordonstoun’s Kurt Hahn for a prep school and was finally demolished in the 1960s.

The last laird, Archie, died without heirs in 1951.

The village has always been a vibrant community and until recent years was pretty self-sufficient with school, church, district nurse, policeman shops, blacksmith and undertaker to tend villagers every need.

The village retains much of its original character and is a designated Conservation Village.

These days the amenities are fewer but community spirit is still strong, as can verified by the many events held within the village – the annual Fete on the third Saturday each June, the pub nights in the village hall, and many other events throughout the year. ( See Events)

Further Information:

The village of Archiestown was founded in 1760 by Sir Archibald Grant of Monymusk. To find out more about the Monymusk Grants please go to www.monymusk.com